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Studio I paint at my studio in Helsinki Kalevankatu at least twice a week but I often find myself there on my days off, too. I would definitely work more often if my neck would allow me. Taking care of my health is something I need to pay attention to. Without weekly physiotherapy I could hardly paint and I also have to visit the dentist more often than the average person – at least four times a year. Healthy teeth are essential to holding the brush in my mouth and paint.

Studio When I'm working I'm probably the most unsocial person. Because my hearing isn't perfect I cannot socialize even by listening so I totally lose myself in the painting – often for a long time. I do need help putting the paints on the palette and moving the canvas. Unfortunately it's not unusual that a brush falls on the floor and alone I'm not able to pick it up. Taking care of the brushes is an art itself because they have to be clean on both ends. The other end will be in my mouth.

Studio Besides painting, I like to tell about my work and show my painting technique. I cannot talk when I have the brush in my mouth, that's why I carry with me some videos of me painting in order to be able to take part in the conversation.

Kauniainen school A couple of years ago I had the honor to visit Haglstamska Skolan, a school in the town of Kauniainen, and tell the healthy youngsters about the work of mouth and foot painting artists. The interest they showed in me was sincere and openly curious and they gave me a warm memory of the visit.

I hope to be able to help the foot and mouth painting artists that are starting their careers. That's why I warmly ask you to contact me by e-mail if you have anything to ask or if you just want to compare notes.