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37 months 1952 was the year of pride and joy when Finland hosted the Summer Olympic Games and Armi Kuusela was crowned as Miss Universum.
Lissu Lundström was born in 19th of April in Helsinki after only six month of pregnancy as a premature baby. The very difficult and prolonged delivery caused CP injury and because of that Lissu cannot walk or use her hands in everyday life.

Family Her childhood was spent in the picturesque wooden Pasila with her mother and two sisters. Her grandparents lived in the same house and were great help as her mother was working everyday. Lissu was always encouraged to be self acting and equal to her sisters in every way. She used her mouth as the only tool she had. No wonder that later writing and painting was quite natural to her with a pen or brush in her mouth.

In the garden Her interest in painting started in an early age when her grandfather gave her a custom made easel. The small wooden house offered a very limited space for the family so her first ”atelje” was the spacious and lush green garden. Sitting in a wheelchair with a brush in her mouth she painted for hours. This garden could be very well the reason for her love of landscapes. The sea is her second beloved subject in her paintings. In her first paintings she used ordinary water colors - which were very high on every child´s wish list at that time. However, watercolor was difficult to paint with since it ran easily and dried rather quickly. One day her godmother gave her a small set of oil colors. Painting with oil felt very natural to her and it also gave her enthusiasm to learn more and develop her painting technics.

Me After high school she accomplished her educational duties. Intense painting was still a big part of her life and so were studies of art and painting in Adult Education Schools. At this stage of her life a lot of things would have remained to be dreams only but fortunately through a friend her mother they heard about VDMFK and the association's activity among disabled artists. She sent a couple of Lissu´s paintings to be evaluate in the Association. The feedback was encouraging and in 1989 Lissu became a stipendiate member. This status gave her the financial freedom to keep on painting and studying with private art teachers until 1992 when through artistic progression she first became an associate member and finally only four years later a full member of the Association.

"The possibility to make a living as a painter and the peer support from other mouth and foot painters were the most important things in my life and I cannot be grateful enough to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World. Without their support most of my dreams would be still only dreams today."